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Welcome to Our Esquina, our corner of the sports and arts world.

For more than two decades in sports journalism, I’ve searched for our corner of the sports world, for Our Esquina. I’ve looked for a place where the Latino story was celebrated all year. That’s why we’ve created Our Esquina Media and

We’ll take you behind the scenes with some of the biggest names in sports while also introducing you to Latinos you didn’t know were making an impact in American sports.

From Los Angeles to New York, Houston to Chicago, Miami to San Francisco, and points in between, we’ll bring you the Latino stories in sports and pop culture through the written word, via podcasts and documentaries.

We will celebrate and cultivate the passion that defines Latino culture. Although most of our staff is bilingual, we are an English-language site devoted to fans who consume their media in English.

Our Esquina will capture an increasingly economically-influential sports audience. According to Latino Donor Collaborative’s “2020 LDC U.S. Latino GDP Report,” Latinos are responsible for 78% of the U.S. labor force growth since the Great Recession. Between 2010-18, the Latino GDP in the United States grew 72 percent faster than the non-Latino GDP.

In other words, we’re everywhere. Our stories should reflect that growth. Whether a regular fan or Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, most Latinos have a story that intersects with sports. It’s a major part of our culture.

We excel on the basketball court and the diamond, in the boxing ring and the UFC octagon, on the gridiron and the track. We’re also on the field and in the dugout managing and coaching.

The 2018 and 2019 World Series-winning managers - Álex Cora of the Boston Red Sox and Dave Martinez of the Washington Nationals - are Latinos. Most casual sports fans could tell you about those two Boricuas’ exploits. NFL coach Ron Rivera’s story is also well known.

But did you know that a Colombian immigrant - Gersson Rosas - is the president of the Minnesota Timberwolves? Did you know a Mexican American is the head football coach at Baylor University? A short drive from Waco, Texas, on Highway 6, the Southeastern Conference’s Texas A&M Aggies have their first Latino Yell Leader. Junior Memo Salinas became the first Latino elected by Texas A&M’s student body to serve as a Yell Leader, putting the Laredo native at the center of one of college football’s most celebrated and beloved football traditions.

The Latino story in American sports extends far beyond the excellence of Randy Arozarena, Carlos Correa, Juan Soto, Francisco Lindor and Javy Baez. Our impact extends far beyond baseball and soccer. Our Esquina will devote its platform to major and minor stories from our corner of the sports world. We invite you to follow us on social media at @ouresquina on Twitter and Instagram.

As we prepare for our official launch in January, we encourage writers to send us story pitches. We welcome story suggestions from readers and fans. As we build out our staff, we’ll also accept resumes for future employment or internships.

Welcome to Our Esquina.

Jose de Jesus Ortiz

Our Esquina Founder/Editor in Chief

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