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Our Esquina Podcast Network

The Our Esquina Podcast Network is about amplifying Latino voices. From baseball to fútbol to entertainment, we aim to devote this platform to stories from our corner of the world.

Podcasts Series

Basketball Fiends

Hosted by Jesus Acevedo an

d Alex Aguilera

The Basketball Fiends is a half-hour podcast on all things NBA and the game of basketball. Every week, Jesus and Alex discuss the hottest NBA topics, with some off-court topics here and there. And when the duo isn’t debating, they’ll interview players, coaches, and those that cover the game. If basketball runs through your veins, this is the podcast for you.

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Bodega Baseball

Hosted by Manuel and Luis Gómez

In your weekly stop at Bodega Baseball, Manny and Luis discuss what’s trending in Major League Baseball, including the latest rumors and rumblings. Industry insiders, coaches, players, and more visit the bodega to discuss baseball. New episodes drop every Wednesday!

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Digging Deep

Hosted by Russ Ortiz and Jesus Ortiz

Welcome to Digging Deep, an Ortiz2 podcast with former Major League All-Star Russ Ortiz and columnist Jesus Ortiz. We’ll take you behind the scenes with athletes and sports writers to learn how they approach their jobs and what obstacles they’ve overcome on their journeys.

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Talkin’ 21

Hosted by Danny Torres

Welcome to the Talkin’ 21 Podcast where every week, we will discuss, delve into and deliver to our listeners’ fascinating first-person stories from guests who are connected to the late Pittsburgh Pirates’ outfielder Roberto Clemente Walker.

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