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Astros, Rockies enjoy taste of Mexico City Series

Mexico City Series feeds baseball passion

MEXICO CITY – Mexico’s capital has a lot to offer with the famous Frida Kahlo Museum and Teotihuacan pyramids. The Astros and Rockies made the most out of their time to soak in all the beautiful sights Mexico has to offer during the Mexico City Series.

The Mexico Series between the Astros and Rockies has been a treat for Mexico’s Capitalinos and the big leaguers who participated.

“It’s been phenomenal,” Astros manager Joe Espada said. “The crowd, the energy, the fans. It’s just been a wonderful experience.”

There’s no secret soccer is the most popular sport played in Mexico. As you walk around downtown Mexico City, you see the majority of people wearing the original green and white national team soccer jerseys.

Mexico City Series highlights Mexico’s baseball passion

However, baseball has piqued a lot of interest since Mexico’s trip to the semifinals in last year’s World Baseball Classic.

Players like Randy Arozarena, siblings Luis and Ramon Urias, and Jose Urquidy have strengthened the game in Mexico. Fans here continue to support America’s pastime by wearing different baseball caps and jerseys. 

Whether it’s a Yankees hat or a Padres jersey, Mexicans walk around the bustling streets of Mexico with pride for the love of the game.

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Major League Baseball’s Taco Tour made an appearance at the Diana Cazadora-Reforma Saturday afternoon. Baseball fans and taco lovers were tempted to get their hands on two of the six tacos presented in this weekend’s taco tour. 

Astros’ reliever Bryan Abreu created the “Abreu Taco” while Rockies’ outfielder Kris Bryant constructed “KB’s Taco.”

El Parnita, one of the most famous taquerias in Mexico City, prepared 1,000 tacos for the public to come enjoy. 

MLB tacos

Sure enough the public patiently waited in a long line that wrapped around a pillar for 20-30 minutes. People in line were enticed to get a bite of what the players liked to eat. 

The tacos were mouthwatering as you watched the chefs cook right in front of your eyes.

The cook hands you the tacos and then you get to add the fixings of cilantro, cebolla (onion), salsa roja (red), guacamole, and Limón (lime). Both tacos were vibrant as the colors were eye popping when you take a bite.

Rockies catcher Elias Diaz had the opportunity to create his own taco too, the “Elias Diaz Taco.”

The 33-year-old Venezuelan took advantage of his day off to tour around the city and learn more about the culture.

“I was lucky yesterday (Friday) to take a little tour around the city,” Rockies catcher Elias Diaz said. “I was able to hop on a bus, go out, and eat some tacos.

“Overall, going out, experiencing the city and seeing what the city had to offer. The tacos and the good food around here was pretty fun.”

La Ciudad de Mexico welcomed the baseball world with open arms. The feeling was similar to when a Mexican grandmother invites your friend to your house for a home cooked meal.

As a lot of Mexican families say, “Mi casa, es su casa.

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