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Carlos Adames

Carlos Adames stops Williams to retain WBC title

Dominican Carlos Adames beats Williams via stoppage

Carlos Adames brought the ammunition Saturday night to the Armory in Minneapolis. His power punches proved to be too much as he handled Julian Williams to retain his interim WBC middleweight title via referee stoppage.

Adames overwhelmed Williams, prompting referee Mark Nelson to stop the fight at the 2:45 mark of the ninth round. Williams appeared willing to absorb more of his Dominican Republic opponent’s power shots, but Nelson had seen enough.

“When I came with those two rights, that’s when the referee stopped it,” Adames told the media afterward. “If I would’ve hit him with another one, he probably would’ve gotten really hurt.”

Williams wanted more time against Carlos Adames

Not surprisingly, Williams didn’t agree with the stoppage.

“I think it was a terrible stoppage, but what can I do?” Williams told the media afterward. “I’m healthy, and I feel fine. I thought it was pretty much even, and I was taking over while he was getting tired. 

“Of course I want a rematch. It’s not his fault that the ref jumped in early.”

It’s important to note that Adames was winning the fight on all three scorecards. One judge had Adames ahead 80-72. The other two had it a little closer, 78-74 and 77-74. 

Despite saying the stoppage looked corny and bad, Williams acknowledged that Adames’ power punches left him a tad off.

“I thought it was an even fight, and he jumps in and stops it because I got a little bit buzzed,” he said. “It’s boxing.”

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Adames improved to 23-1 with 18 knockouts. Williams fell to 28-4-2. The ninth round wasn’t the first time Adames left Williams a little dazed. Adames appeared on the verge of knocking Williams out in the second round.

Then Williams began bleeding from a cut under his right eye in the third round. Adames appeared on the verge of knocking Williams out in the fourth, but the game Williams survived.

“I really don’t know how he survived the fourth round,” Adames said, ‘but he’s a veteran. He’s got skills and that’s what got him through that round.”

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