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MLB Power Rankings

MLB Power Rankings: The Bronx is Burning

  • Manuel Gómez - East Coast Contributor & Podcast Director Manuel Gómez, East Coast Contributor & Podcast Director
  • August 15, 2022

The Yankees have finally dropped out of the top spot.

For most of the season, the New York Yankees led the world in batting fWAR, pitching fWAR, win percentage and run differential. As a result, they dominated our MLB Power Rankings, owning sole possession of the top spot for the vast majority of the season.

Over the last few weeks, they have been dethroned in each of those categories, leading to their fall from the top spot.

Currently, the Yankees trail the Los Angeles Dodgers in batting fWAR, 28.5 to 26.4. They rank third in pitching fWAR, lagging behind the Houston Astros (17.4), Dodgers (17.1), Braves (16.5), and Phillies (16.4).

Despite being one of five teams with at least 70 wins this season, the Yankees now trail behind the Dodgers, Mets, and Astros in win percentage.

You will notice that the Yankees are ranked second in this week’s rankings. Do not put too much stock in this. Since the All-Star break, they’re 8-14 and falling fast.

Before we see how the rest of the league did, understand that when preparing for the MLB Power Rankings this season, I relied on numbers. I created a spreadsheet using pitcher WAR, batter WAR, team record, and run differential. Teams with the highest combined score are ranked at the top.

Let’s look at this week’s top 10 teams.

2022 MLB Power Rankings

10. Milwaukee Brewers (-1)

Last week, the Brewers won three of five games. They start this week with a four-game set against the best team in baseball, making it difficult for them to gain any ground on the St. Louis Cardinals.

9. Toronto Blue Jays (-3)

The Blue Jays have failed to capitalize on the Yankees’ woes, falling three spots. Since the All-Star break, Toronto is 10-9. They have been able to shorten New York’s division lead only 3 1/2 games.

8. San Diego Padres (+2)

The Padres jumped up two spots in our MLB Power Rankings since acquiring Juan Soto from the Washington Nationals. They can continue to rise as their next four consecutive series’ are against subpar teams.

7. Philadelphia Phillies (0)

Since the All-Star break, the Phillies are 14-7. Though they’re not really a challenger in the NL East, they hold possession of a Wild Card. They can extend their lead when they face the Cincinnati Reds for a three-game series this week.

6. St. Louis Cardinals (+2)

The Cardinals are in a heated divisional battle with the Milwaukee Brewers this season. Fortunately, St. Louis is on top. In a surprising twist, Albert Pujols has been HOT! Yesterday, he swatted home runs 688 and 689 of his career. His 1.241 OPS ranks third in MLB since the All-Star break. Incredible.

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The Top Five

5. Atlanta Braves (0)

This week, the Braves have a four-game series against the New York Mets. A sweep can get them within 1 1/2 games of the NL East. For this reason, this is my must-see series of the week!

4. New York Mets (0)

Since the All-Star break, the Mets have extended their lead in the NL East from 1 1/2 games to 5 1/2 games. This week, they look to extend that lead as they prepare to face the Braves and the Phillies.

3. Houston Astros (0)

The Astros won five of six games this week, extending their lead in the AL West to 13 games. As it stands, Houston has the best pitching fWAR in baseball. This could make them the most dangerous team come the postseason. Challengers beware!

2. New York Yankees (-1)

Last week, the Yankees won just two games. This week, they will have to do better against better teams. They face two playoff-contending teams in the Blue Jays and Tampa Bay Rays this week.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (+1)

For the first time since Week 6, the Dodgers are back on top. They lead MLB with a 28.5 hitter fWAR and a 0.699 W-L%. At this rate, Los Angeles is on pace for 113 wins. This would make them the second-winningest team in MLB history.

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