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WomanGoal aims to give women soccer opportunities

WomanGoal capped 2023 travel with stop in the United States

WomanGoal is not your typical local soccer program that goes over drills, practice, and games. WomenGoal is focused on two main goals: professionalization of women’s soccer and create opportunities to grow the business of women’s soccer.

“We had to do something from the private side to help the professionalization of women’s soccer,” says WomanGoal Founder and CEO Martina Olivas. “In the United States, you have another reality and have been working for the professionalization in women’s soccer for years. But it’s not happening in Europe, Africa or Latin America.

“So we knew we had to do our best from our side of the public institutions, clubs, leagues and federations.”

WomanGoal plans global draft

WomanGoal is a Spain-based global platform to create and promote women’s soccer worldwide. With the WomanGoal global draft, Olivas and her team are traveling to 17 countries across five continents. They hope to scout for the best and most talented soccer players. They will pre-select five players from each country. Then those players will participate in the WomanGoal final draft in Madrid, Spain. 

Furthermore, the program will select 28 finalists from the 17 total countries. They’ll have a chance to help their players grow personally and professionally in the world of football.


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“This is something we need to show worldwide that it’s not easy to become a footballer,” Olivas said. “We’re focusing on giving them the tools and opportunity, but also generating and creating new scenarios that it’s going to give value to football, the women’s football sector and help the football players.”

WomanGoal is focused on four areas of their program: academy, management, agency, and studio. Besides the soccer aspect, Olivas wants the players to better themselves and make an impact in their lives. 

WomanGoal promises to offer players an opportunity to learn about nutrition, marketing and mental health. FIFA officially recognizes 168 different women’s soccer federations. Only 3.5% of female professionals representing their countries earn the same pay as men, according to The Generation.

Players compete in tryouts

The global draft is just like a tryout. Some players will be selected to move on to the next phase. Others will pack their belongings and go forward.

Participants shouldn’t be discouraged nor disappointed if they’re not selected. It’s all about the experience and improving your skills as an individual. The draft provides resources and tools like sports performance, treatment, trainers, and coaches. 

“In the morning before traveling back to Spain, I had breakfast with the mom of a football player that came to the draft,” Olivas said. “She said, ‘My daughter was crying because she didn’t have an experience like that.’

“This example with this woman, who was really open, I mean we’re doing good things for women’s soccer.”

WomanGoal has already visited Panama, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Cameroon, Singapore and the United States. The WomanGoal global draft will continue in 2024 with stops in Iceland, Australia, Brazil, Morocco, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

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