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MLB Power Rankings

MLB Power Rankings: Eastern Dominance

  • Manuel Gómez - East Coast Contributor & Podcast Director Manuel Gómez, East Coast Contributor & Podcast Director
  • June 20, 2022

The Boston Red Sox re-enter the Power Rankings.

The Boston Red Sox reentered the fold. This makes them the sixth team from an Eastern division (National League or American League) to reach the top 10 in our MLB Power Rankings.

If the 2022 season ended today, the Red Sox wouldn’t be in the playoffs. As it stands, they are just half a game behind the Cleveland Guardians for the third Wild Card spot in the AL.

However, given how well they are hitting – they have the second-most runs scored in the AL – and that Cleveland is ahead of schedule in their rebuild, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Red Sox take that third Wild Card spot soon.

When that happens, Eastern teams will have possession of half of all MLB Postseason slots.

Division Team
AL East Yankees
AL Central Twins
AL West Houston
AL Wild Card 1 Blue Jays
AL Wild Card 2 Guardians
AL Wild Card 3 Rays
NL East Mets
NL Central Brewers/Cardinals
NL West Dodgers
NL Wild Card 1 Padres
NL Wild Card 2 Giants
NL Wild Card 3 Braves
MLB Postseason Picture, if the season ended on 6/20/2022

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Before we see how the rest of the league did, understand that when preparing for the MLB Power Rankings this season, I relied on numbers. I created a spreadsheet using pitcher WAR, batter WAR, team record, and run differential. Teams with the highest combined score are ranked at the top.

Let’s look at the top 10 teams in Week 10 of the 2022 MLB season.

2022 MLB Power Rankings

10. Toronto Blue Jays (-4)

The Blue Jays fell four spots this week after losing four of seven games to the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees. It’s been a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde season for the Jays. Their offense continues to be potent, but their pitching has been very inconsistent.

9. Boston Red Sox (+2)

We welcome back the Red Sox this week. They rejoin the Top 10 after winning two consecutive series against the Oakland Athletics and the St. Louis Cardinals. This week, they have a chance to take the third Wild Card from the Cleveland Guardians, who they face in a 3-game series in Cleveland.

8. Philadelphia Phillies (0)

The Phillies remain steady in the 8-spot after winning six of eight games. Their starters barely trail the Yankees in fWAR (7.0 vs 6.9) and are a huge reason for their success. I don’t foresee Philadelphia dropping out of the ranking anytime soon.

7. St. Louis Cardinals (+2)

The Cardinals started the week by taking three of four games from the Pittsburgh Pirates. They finished the week losing two of three from the Red Sox. Fortunately, they still have the best record in the NL Central and a better run differential than the Milwaukee Brewers, securing their place in the Top 10.

6. Atlanta Braves (+1)

It appears the Braves have found their Kryptonite. After winning 14 straight games to start the month of June, they ran into the Chicago Cubs, who took two of three games from them this past weekend. Fortunately, the Braves ended the series with a decisive 6-0 win, allowing them to jump one spot in the Top 10.

This week, the Braves face the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers, making it the first real test Atlanta will face in June.

The Top 5

5. San Diego Padres (0)

The Padres held firm this week and remain in the Top 5. Unfortunately, they lost their best player to a gruesome injury. On Sunday, third baseman Manny Machado rolled his ankle over first base. At the time, it looked like a potentially season-ending injury. Fortunately, it was only an ankle sprain, which will sideline him for 4 weeks.

4. Houston Astros (0)

The Astros continue to rattle off wins. Currently, they have the third-best record in baseball. Much of it is due to an offense that knows how to create runs and a pitching staff that ranks top three in the American League.

A Three-Headed Monster

3. New York Mets (0)

Last week, the Mets won four of six games, including series wins against the Brewers and the Marlins. This week, they face a tough challenge as they prepare to face the Astros in Houston. This could determine who lands in the 3-spot next week.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers (0)

For the second consecutive week, the Dodgers were dealt a huge blow. Two weeks ago, they lost arguably their best pitcher in Walker Buehler. They lost arguably their best position player, Mookie Betts this past week. Betts fractured a rib when he collided with teammate Cody Bellinger in the outfield.

As it stands, the Dodgers have not moved off of the 2-spot. The next two weeks will be show the type of team they are. Can they stay at the top of our MLB Power Rankings?

1. New York Yankees (0)

The Yankees faced two division rivals and handled them with relative ease. They began the week by sweeping the Tampa Bay Rays and then came within two runs of sweeping the Blue Jays.

The Yankees continue to lead MLB in batter and pitcher fWAR, wins, and run differential. As a result, they remain the best team in baseball for the third consecutive week.

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