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Cristo Fernandez

Mexican Cristo Fernandez shines in hit Ted Lasso

From Mexico's second division to the screen in London, Cristo Fernandez stars in soccer

Hit series Ted Lasso has gotten many of us hooked during the Covid-19 pandemic with Mexican actor Cristo Fernandez playing a key role.

Fernandez, a former professional soccer prospect, has been an endearing presence as the charismatic Danny Rojas.

Much of the show’s attention is on Jason Sudeikis. He plays the lead role of Coach Lasso, an American football coach who takes the challenge of coaching a Premier League soccer team without any prior experience. 

As the show progresses, we are suddenly given some Latino flair through Fernandez. We get the joy and good cheer from the Danny Rojas character and his famous line “Football Is Life!”

Futbol was actually part of Fernandez’s life growing up in Guadalajara, Mexico. But the acting bug was always present.

“In the back of my mind, even as a kid I always in a way dreamed of acting.” Cristo said in the latest episode of the Sports Y Mas podcast. “Even when I was a kid I would have my action figures act out roles.”

Cristo Fernandez played with Tecos

Before the world got to know him as Danny Rojas, Fernandez debuted 15 years old with club Tecos of Liga MX.  After various knee injuries, Fernandez knew he needed to put a Plan B in place.

Fernandez decided to study communications in his native Guadalajara and film in London.

Cristo says he derives a lot of his show energy from none other than Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez, Fernandez even credits Derbez as as his inspiration.

Fernandez’s Mexican flair is evident whether Danny Rojas is singing or simply introducing his teammates to traditional mezcal!

“I’m thankful for Jason (Sudeikis) letting me be myself,” Fernandez said. “Ironically they wanted my character to be called Gunner, who is from Iceland. That would have been tough!”

We hope to see more of Cristo in the second season of Ted Lasso. He’ll keep adding the Latino touch to a series that has gained popularity in the United States and the United Kingdom.  

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