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You Come at “Nasty” Nestor, You Best Not Miss

  • May 17, 2022

This week on Bodega Baseball, the guys discuss Nestor Cortes deactivating his Twitter account. Was it really necessary for the New York Yankees starter to remove himself from social media? Then, MLB: The Show downgraded Bryce Haper’s score even though he’s coming off an NL MVP season and is leading the National League in home runs and slugging percentage. What gives? Finally, a number of veteran pitchers are having comeback seasons. Who are they and why are they suddenly rejuvenated?

Manny: @MannyGo3
Luis: @HOVAmojo

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In your weekly stop at Bodega Baseball, Manny and Luis discuss what’s trending in Major League Baseball, including the latest rumors and rumblings. Industry insiders, coaches, players, and more visit the bodega to discuss baseball. New episodes drop every Wednesday!

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