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Chicago Bulls, Basketball Fiends

What ifs, featuring Eric and Mackey Torres

  • September 24, 2021

Basketball Fiends Jesus Acevedo Jr. and Alex Aguilera welcome two guests for this week’s episode. Astrology guru Eric Torres and Tab Deportes’ Houston Rockets reporter Mackey Torres join the Basketball Fiends.

They discussed some of the NBA ‘What Ifs” and how they changed the NBA landscape. What if Tyson Chandler’s trade to OKC doesn’t get rescinded (1:40)?

Does a healthy 2009 Houston Rockets team make a run to the NBA Finals (12:16)? Would Len Bias have extended the Boston Celtics dominance in the Eastern Conference (19:47)? Finally, would Steph Curry being drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves change the franchise’s trajectory (27:33)?

Hosts: Alex Aguilera and Jesus Acevedo Jr.
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