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Roberto Clemente

Jannette Clemente is Talkin’ 21

  • July 30, 2021

Along with her sister Judith, Jannette Clemente Santana continues to honor her Uncle Roberto Clement. Nicknamed “Tio Momen,” Roberto Clemente impacted the baseball world as an extraordinary athlete and humanitarian. For Jannette Clemente, he will continue to live in her heart forever.

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Their father Don Justino Clemente Walker is Roberto’s oldest brother. He shared with them countless stories about their favorite uncle. In this episode, Jannette shares her insights and heartfelt moments on who Roberto was as a family man and how her father admired his youngest brother.

About Talkin’ 21

Welcome to the Talkin’ 21 Podcast. Every week, we discuss, delve into, and deliver fascinating first-person stories from guests who are connected to the late Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Roberto Clemente Walker.

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