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Astros, Full Seam Ahead

Full Seam Ahead: Astros podcast, week 3

  • April 21, 2023

The Houston Astros offense soars through the Toronto Blue Jays as they win their second series of the season.

The Full Seam Ahead trio shoutout some of the Astros key contributors against the Blue Jays. Previewed the upcoming pitching matchups against Ronald Acuna Jr. and the Atlanta Braves.

And it wouldn’t be a Full Seam Ahead episode without some offensive/pitching MVPs, including some hot takes from the guys.

A Texas Showdown Between Astros, Rangers

It was a Texas Showdown for both teams. Unfortunately, Houston lose their first Lone Star Series of the season against the Texas Rangers.

The Full Seam Ahead trio share their pros and cons of the Astros performance against the Rangers. Preview the upcoming pitching matchups against former Astro George Springer and the Toronto Blue Jays.

The FSA squad also handed out their pitching/offensive MVP and shared some hot takes.


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