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Roberto Clemente

50th Anniversary of the 1971 World Series

  • October 17, 2021

For this episode, Talkin’21 host Danny Torres traveled to PNC Park in Pittsburgh to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Pittsburgh Pirates winning the 1971 World Series. Torres interviews players who played an important role in defeating the heavily favored Baltimore Orioles.

Hear their thoughts about a particular moment that made them feel a bit more confident in their team heading into the post-season. Also, find out funny moments these players shared with Roberto Clemente or another teammate — you’ll love what Al “Scoop” Oliver shared — that to this day still makes them laugh.

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Plus, it was 50 years ago, during a nationally-televised post-game interview a ballplayer spoke in Spanish to a live TV audience. It was truly a groundbreaking moment in MLB history. And who was this extraordinary player? LISTEN to this podcast to find out.

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Welcome to the Talkin’ 21 Podcast. Every week, we discuss, delve into, and deliver fascinating first-person stories from guests who are connected to the late Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Roberto Clemente Walker.

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