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BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - SEPTEMBER 05: Anthony Santander #25 of the Baltimore Orioles celebrates after hitting a home run in the first inning against the Toronto Blue Jays at Oriole Park at Camden Yards during game one of a double header on September 05, 2022 in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

MLB Playoff Picture: Orioles bring chaos

  • Manuel Gómez - East Coast Contributor & Podcast Director Manuel Gómez, East Coast Contributor & Podcast Director
  • September 6, 2022

Looking at the teams in the hunt for the 2022 MLB Playoff picture

Get ready. The MLB Playoff series start in just 31 days, on Oct. 7.

In order to prepare you for October – and November baseball, we have prepared a comprehensive look at the MLB Playoff picture. 

Here, you will see exactly which teams are in the postseason, including their seeding, and which teams, on the outside looking in, are in the hunt.

Before we begin, here’s how the playoffs will differ from years past.

Here’s a look at the 2022 MLB Postseason bracket.

This year, the pool of teams has been expanded from 10 to 12 (six teams in each league). Division leaders will determine the top three seeds, with the bottom three seeds going to teams with the next best record.

The top two division leaders – the 1 and 2 seeds – will receive byes in the first round. The other teams will play in four best-of-three series (two in each league). 

The remaining division leader will have to enter the Wild Card Series and face the 6 seed. 

Each Wild Card Series will determine who faces the 1 and 2 seed in the Division Series

The MLB Postseason Picture

Here’s a look at the MLB Postseason bracket of the regular season ended today.

American League

  1. Houston Astros (87-48)
  2. New York Yankees (81-54)
  3. Cleveland Guardians (69-64)
  4. Tampa Bay Rays (75-58)
  5. Seattle Mariners (76-59)
  6. Toronto Blue Jays (75-59)

National League

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers (92-42)
  2. New York Mets (85-50)
  3. St. Louis Cardinals (79-56)
  4. Atlanta Braves (84-51)
  5. Philadelphia Phillies (73-61)
  6. San Diego Padres (74-62)

Pros and Cons

The new MLB Playoff format has its negatives and positives.

Let’s start with the good. With the Wild Card Series going from a strict elimination game to a three-game series, the two best teams will get extended breaks before the Division Series.

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This provides them with a significant advantage. While the Wild Card teams are using up arms for a shot at the Division Series, team’s with bye will rest.

Given the slog the regular season is, this boosts the chances of the best teams in the league. Hence, it is likely that the World Series features teams truly deserving of a shot at the Ring.

Now, the bad. There’s a chance that teams deserving of a shot won’t get one because of the division format.

For example, if the season ended today, the leader in the AL Central would get the 3 seed. This despite both teams vying for the Central division having a worse record than the Baltimore Orioles.

MLB Standings as of September 5, 2022

To quote A League of their Own, “there’s no crying in baseball.” The Orioles have another route into the playoffs.

Let’s look at teams still in the hunt.

In the MLB Playoff Hunt

Baltimore Orioles (4 ½ games behind a playoff spot). The Orioles have defeated all odds this season. With the sixth seed in the American League Postseason Picture within reach, they have embraced the phrase “Chaos Comin.’”

Through 135 games, the Orioles already surpassed their 2021 win total by 19/20 games. This has earned manager Brandon Hyde high praise among the league and could potentially earn him the American League Manager of the Year award.

Minnesota Twins (1 game behind a playoff spot). According to ESPN, the Twins’ chances of making the playoffs are 31.6 percent. That’s below the Guardians’ 46.6 percent.

The Twins shouldn’t worry too much about that. Recent trends favor them.

Just 12 days ago, the Twins were four games out of the AL Central lead. Since then, they have won six out of 11 games and are within one game of the Guardians for the division lead.

Milwaukee Brewers (2 games behind a playoff spot). Since July 30, the Brewers have lost 12 ½ games in the NL Central. At the time, they were four games up on the St. Louis Cardinals. Now, they are 8 ½ games behind.

Their only chance to make the playoffs is via the NL Wild Card. Currently, they are two games behind the San Diego Padres for the sixth seed in the NL.

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